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Fast Laptops Under $500

g50-mainLaptops can be quite expensive, especially if you want a great system for gaming. But, if you need a serviceable laptop and are not a member of the price-is-no-object group, you can purchase a very fast and efficient laptop under $500. In fact, for 2015, there are a variety of laptops available for purchase for some very good companies. All of these computers come with Microsoft Windows 8.1 as an operating system. MAC based laptops are simply priced out of this range.

Lenovo G50

Leveno is a very good laptop and the G50 is a great buy at $460. It comes with one of the fastest processors on the market, Intel’s Core i3. If you can spend about $90 more, you can upgrade to the Core i5, even faster. But, the Core i3 is a fourth generation processor that runs up to speeds of 9GHz. The laptop comes with 6 GB of RAM and has a 500 GB hard disk. The keyboard is easy to use and it comes with a DVD player. The screen is 15.6 inches wide and produces an array of colors. This is an excellent laptop for a first laptop.


HP’s 15-G012DX can be purchased for about $400. This laptop does not have all of the capabilities of the G50 above, but it will do the job. The laptop features a 15.6 inch HD screen with 1366×768 pixels with Radeon 5 graphics. The 15-G012DX comes with 4GB of RAM and a hard disk that can hold up to 750 GM of memory. Clearly, this is a good low budget laptop to choose if you need to store a lot of information. For this laptop, HP uses AMD’sQuad-Core A8-6410 as its processor. This model has a built-in web cam for video conferencing.

Gateway NE56R50u

Gateway computers are know for their quality product for an economical price. This model comes with Intel’s 1.9 GHz i3 Processor. It comes with 4 GB of DDR3L RAM which can be upgraded by the user to 8 GB. A hard disk is provided that can store 500 GB of data along with a 15.6 inch HD LED video display that utilizes Intel Graphics 4000. This model provides better graphics at this price range than many computer because it comes with a separate graphics RAM of 128MB. There is a built-in web cam and wireless WiFi capabilities.

Toshiba Satellite C55-B5200

This Toshiba laptop has Toshiba’s excellent video display and lists for about $400. This laptop features 6GB DDR3L memory that is not user replaceable. This laptop has enough memory for most functions. If you need to do heavy calculations or video graphics, this laptop will seem to under perform. The screen is 15.6 inches wide and uses Intel Integrated Graphics. The processor with this machine an IntelCore i3-4005U. A 750 GB ATA hard drive come with the C55-B5200.

Dell Inspiron i3542-3333BK

The Dell Inspiron can be had for under $400. Like some of the under $400 machines, it features memory that is non-replaceable by the user. This means when the memory needs replacing, the machine will have to go into the shop. The Dell computer uses a 1.9 GHz Core i3 processor and 4 GB DDR3 memory. With the system, the buyer receives a 500 GB hard drive, DVD player and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connections. This machine should have enough memory to perform most functions.

11-inch Laptops Under $400

tiger-directFinding an 11-inch Laptop for under $400 does not have to be a tricky proposition. There are several online retailers that can offer you the 11 inch laptop that you need at a fair price. Be prepared, however; you may have to wade through their listings to find the best deals. Here are some sites that offer 11-inch laptops for under $400:

Tiger Direct has several listings for laptops at or below this price. Among these current listings includes anAsus X200CA-DB01T Notebook PC listed at $329.99. This model features an 11.6 inch touch display and has a Celeron processor. There are other examples from HP at $353.26 and Dell at $309.99. There are also examples that are lower than 11 inches that list at below $300. One caveat is in order however: the TigerDirect website does not appear to be very user-friendly when it comes to shipping information. Although they provide a statement that the product “usually ships within 48 hours”, they do not provide the consumer with any idea on the price of shipping until they register and checkout.

Amazon is another good place to look for 11-inch laptops and other laptops under $400. Some of the current listings include an Asus X202E that is listed at both $399.00 new and $355.51 used. This model also has an Intel Celeron Processor and a Windows 8 operating system. 500 GB of storage is available. Another model offered by Amazon is an Acer Aspire listed at $329.99. This version has 500 GB of storage as well but only comes with a Windows 7 operating system. This could be a plus or a minus depending on whether you prefer the 7 or 8. For this author this would be a plus.


Finally, if you do not mind secondhand you can find many 11-inch laptops for under $400, $300, and even $200 on eBay. One caveat is that these are being sold from private sellers, so make sure to check their feedback well if you go this route. I always like to check any negative feedback first.


Best 11 Inch Laptops Under $300

samsung-logoLaptops are a necessary investment for those who rely on their portability and computing power for personal and professional use. Hardware Engineers come up with new and innovative ways to make notebook computers thinner, smaller, and faster for consumers on a daily basis. While 20 years ago laptops were still expensive and viewed as a luxury item, the prices have come down dramatically due to increased supply and demand. You can even get specialty smaller sized laptops such as 11 inch laptops. These are great for those looking for a machine that is lightweight but still powerful. It may be surprising, but if you do your research and compare prices from multiple retailers, you can find great deals on 11 inch laptops under $300 (at the time of this writing) like those suggested below.

Samsung 11.6″ Chromebook Series 3 – $250

  • 1.7 GHz Samsung Exynos 5 Dual Processor
  • 11.4″ H X 8.1″ W X 07″D and weighs 2.4 pounds
  • 16 GB Harddrive Storage with Cloud enabled Google Drive pre-installed
  • 2 GB DDR3L and 16GB Flash Memory
  • Includes 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0 Ports, HDMI, and Video port (need to purchase dongle separately)
  • 2 Cell Lithium Rechargeable Battery (7.5 hours of use unplugged)
    Bluetooth 3.0 and wireless capability
  • Built in webcam and microphone and 3 in 1 media enabled (Secure Digital High Capacity, Secure Digital, and SDXC)
  • Google Chome OS Operating System
  • 1 year limited warranty on parts and labor

11.6″ Acer Aspire Windows 8 Netbook – $284

  • 1.1 GHz Dual Core Intel Celeron 847 Processor
  • 230 GB Harddrive
  • 4GB Memory
  • 11.2″ Height X 8″ Wide X 1.1″ Thick, weighs 3 lbs.
  • Windows 8 Operating System
  • Wireless enabled
  • Built in Webcam and Microphone
  • Has HDMI Output, and 3 USB Outputs
  • 4.2 hours battery life

Asus X201E-DH01 HD 11.6″ Laptop – $264


  • 1.1 GHz Intel Celeron 847 Processor
  •  4 GB Memory
  •  Weighs 2.9 lbs, and is 11.9″ Height X 7.9″ Wide X 0.9″ Thick
  •  Ubuntu (Linux) Operating System
  •  320 GB Harddrive storage
  •  Built in Webcam and Microphone
  •  Wireless and Bluetooth 4.0 enabled
  •  Lithium Ion 2 Cell Battery with 5 hours of life
  •  Input/Output – (1) USB 3.0, (2) USB 2.0, (1) RJ45, (1) HDMI, (1) VGA
  • SD, MMC, and MS Card Reader
  • 3 Years of 32 GB Free Cloud Storage through Asus
  • 1 Year Accidental Damage Protection Plan


For those who have a love and appreciation for pre-owned or refurbished items, you can reap even greater savings by purchasing a used laptop. Depending on where you live, there may be local PC Repair and Used Computer Sales Shops that can get you a great deal on a name brand 11 inch laptop. It is a bit of a gamble in terms of what inventory they will have in stock and selection could be limited. However, if you are serious about going this route there are websites online that are great resources in finding a notebook that will meet your needs. Ebay ( or Dealzon ( are both marketplaces that offer extensive search filters to help you acquire the perfect laptop at well under $300.

Some retailers offer extended warranty programs to help you protect your laptop or even loyalty programs that allow you to trade in your used computer for store credit towards a new one or even cash. Check with the individual store or online support staff to see if there are any additional perks or incentives like these available to you. If you have any control over the time of year that you will be buying a notebook computer, the absolute best time to buy is between the months of September and November. This is when every retailer is motivated to slash prices on computers and offer discounted or free shipping due to back to school and holiday specials. If you are searching for the deepest of discounts and are brave, you could scout Black Friday deals or Cyber Monday deals through companies like Best Buy (, Newegg (, or Tiger Direct (

Cheap Laptops Under $300 for the Thrifty Consumer

cheap-laptop-consumerFinding options when it comes to cheap laptop under 300 dollars online is easy, but making the best possible purchasing decision and understanding the limitations of your budget can be tricky. Laptops are now a necessity for modern day living. The mobile workforce has never been greater, and in the back fall of the worlds economic slump laptop manufacturers have adjusted their pricing accordingly. Luckily what this means for you is there are a ton of laptops now available at prices unheard of in the past. Not everyone has the cash to splash out on the latest and greatest laptop machine, and some users simply require a stable and reliable laptop that they can use for work and browsing the web. The first thing to keep in mind when searching for a laptop within this price range is that you aren’t going to walk away with a space rocket capable of processing a billion stars on the way to Mars.

Your budget and your laptops potential performance go hand in hand – but that’s not to say you still can’t find a laptop that will suit your needs perfectly if you look hard enough. To fast track your search use tools such as Engadgets laptop buying guide and  LaptopNinja’s cheap laptop guides in order to help work through products faster, although it’s always best to put in as much research yourself first to make sure you cover all bases.

The following is a list of tasks that a typical laptop within this price range can achieve:

  • Word processing and work related tasks (MS Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Browsing the web
  • High levels of portability thanks to smaller form and design

A few things you generally won’t be able to use your laptop for on the other hand are:

  • Mobile gaming
  • CPU intensive applications (image / video processing, heavy number crunching, etc.)
  • Streaming high definition video (not always the case, but a lot of laptops will suffer from dropped frames)

It is important to make sure you understand these limitations – if you are a gamer of require a fast CPU for the work you are doing, then it is far better to hold off until you are able to afford a laptop that suits you better or will you will be wasting your hard earned cash. Another thing to keep in mind is display size – most new laptops under $300 will only come with in 11 inch or smaller screen, not ideal for serious media consumption. On the other hand if you are willing to consider the second hand market, then Now that we’ve established your limitations, it’s time to get into some of the more popular options available in this category.

Google Chromebooks

Googles first entry into the PC market has by all accounts been a huge success. These netbook laptops have consistently reached bestseller lists with leading retailers and offer a streamlined web browsing interface. NOTE: These laptops will not work with conventional Microsoft Word processors, but instead integrate seamlessly with Googles cloud based Apps suite of productivity apps (personally I am a big fan of these).

ASUS Netbooks

Not one to skip a beat and recognizing a need in the market, Asus has been quick to release a number of sub $300 netbooks that run Windows and are perfect for those who still require the use of conventional Windows app for their work or play. A great example of a model like this is the ASUS 1015E-DS01, a recently released 10.1 inch notebook.

In conclusion if you play your cards right, and your requirements don’t fall outside of the capabilities imposed by your budget, you can more than happily find a great sub $300 laptop to suit your needs. Just always remember to put in the effort and research to make sure you are getting the right laptop for you.